Talu Class

Thursday evenings, 6.30-8.30

The Capoeira School
136 Streatham High Road
SW16 1BW
entrance on Woodbourne Avenue

You will be welcome at our new Talu and stepping partner work class. We will cover Ta Lu (‘Big Roll-Back’) which features the corner energies- split, pull-down, shoulder and elbow. These follow on from and complement the main square energies of T’ai Chi which form pushing hands (roll-back, ward-off, push and press). We will also learn Wabu (lively stepping) which eventually leads to moving-step double pushing hands, and combined with Talu then develops into ‘Thirteen Postures T’ai Chi’ - the Classical route to ‘free pushing’. We will learn exercises such as knocking, to develop ward-off and roundness, and study the many ways of stepping, and when each is appropriate. This all leads to a natural sense of when to move and when to stand our ground using softness. All T’ai chi students of any school are welcome, with at least 2 year’s experience. Please get in touch for eligibility.

Classes start Thursday 16th July 2016 and continue all usual term-time. Class costs £90 / £66 per 6 week block or £18 drop-in price. Students are welcome to stay on after tea break for Long Form, etc.

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Getting to The Capoeira School

Entrance to the left of Barclays Bank on Woodburne Avenue. Ring the buzzer marked Capoeira for entry. The venue is on the Second floor.

Train: Streatham Hill or Streatham
Buses: 50, 57, 60, 109, 118, 133, 159, 201, 249, 250, 255, 315, 319, 333, G1, P13 (Bus Route PDF)
Parking: Some parking on Woodbourne Avenue