The T'ai Chi Centre

The T’ai Chi Centre teaches the full Yang style syllabus of the British T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association. Tuition ranges from beginner to advanced and includes Instructor training.

The T’ai Chi Centre was founded in 1995. In 1996 all classes were moved to ‘The Art of Health and Yoga Centre’ in South London. Since 2003 The T’ai Chi Centre holds classes and intensives at a variety of venues from Clapham to Collier’s Wood.

The Teacher

Mark Raudva began studying T’ai Chi in 1985 after graduating with honours in Human Psychology, he studied with Dr. John Kells at the British T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association for nine years. Mark began teaching in 1989, he founded ‘The T’ai Chi Centre’ in 1995.


Dr. John Kells founded the B.T.C.C.A. in 1968 - it is the oldest T’ai Chi organisation in Europe. In 1976 Dr. Kells was the first Westerner to become an internationally recognised Master of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, he has had many notable teachers, one of the most important being Dr. Chi Chiang Tao (left) who was Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing’s (right) top student.


Duncan Price

Duncan began studying Jujitsu in 1986, he achieved the grade of Senior 1st Dan, from 1990-1998 he was the senior instructor at Exeter University Jujitsu Club. Duncan began his study of T’ai Chi in 1993 with Angus Clark (student of Alan Peck), he studied with Angus from 1993-1997. In his travels around the world Duncan has met and trained with a number of notable T’ai Chi teachers from the Yang and Chen styles. Duncan has been a student at ‘The T’ai Chi Centre’ since 1998.

Hamid Momtahan

Hamid began studying Chi Kung in 1995 but soon afterwards discovered T’ai Chi. His enthusiasm for T’ai Chi is notorious. He regularly studies with Steven Moore at his ‘TaiChi HeartWork’ intensives in London. Hamid has been a student at ‘The T’ai Chi Centre’ since 1996, in 2006 he began studying with Dr John Kells.

South London T'ai Chi website

Caroline Ross

Caroline began studying T’ai Chi in 1986. In 2002 she started the Great River T’ai Chi School based in Aberdeenshire. Caroline teaches Yang style T’ai Chi in London and Aberdeenshire, she organises regular Workshops for Mark when he visits Scotland - she has been a student of ‘The T’ai Chi Centre’ since 2001.

The Great River T'ai Chi blog.

David Knight

David has been a student at the T’ai Chi Centre since 2001, in 2006 he began studying with Dr John Kells.

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